How to add summary field to page footer

1. I need to add summary field to report footer, but its getting added only to Grand Total(report footer)

2. I have 2 sub section in page footer , i hiding one of them depending page number, its working though, its shifting up. I mean there is a blank space below. How can i keep visible part at bottom
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In my opinion you should all these sub divisions in a master page. A generic example is in doc here :
If you take this example as a starting point, you should have 2 asp:contentplaceholder instead of the main (main1 and main2). If the web page that inherit from this master page don't provide a place holder for your "main2", then I think that the footer will stick to the only remaining one.
What does that have to do with a Crsyatl Report?

One thing to try is to click the option to RESERVE MINIMUM SPACE FOR TH Epage footer in the section expert.

You should be able to drag the summary from the report footer to the page footer?

Are you looking for a Page summaary value or report summary value in the page footer?


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Oh, I didn't realize it was about Crystal Report ! How did you see it ?
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Maverick_CoolAuthor Commented:
I used the tree point formula trick to solve the first.
"mlmcc" can explain me in detail how to do the second point:

"2. I have 2 sub section in page footer , i hidingone of them depending page number, its working though, its shifting up.I mean there is a blank space below. How can i keep visible part atbottom"
Maverick_CoolAuthor Commented:
I tried the reserve minmun space but some part of footer is going out of page.
I have 3 sub section:
1. page footer a
2. page footer b
3. page footer c

page footer shows all pages except last one and page footer b shows in last page(i cant use report footer due some reasons)
if i make " RESERVE MINIMUM SPACE" for the Page footer", page footer c gets truncated.
kaylanreilor : How did I suspect it was about Crystal?  It was asked in the Crystal Reports zone.

I didn't realize there was a third page footer section.

Can it be added to the other 2 sections?

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