Win 2008 - Locate Files/Folders with a Trailing Space

Hello Experts,

I recently migrated 700 GB worth of Mac data to a Windows storage server. Any good ideas on how I can find all the folders with traling spaces??? I need to fix these, but I dont want to manually go through so much data.

ex: "e:\FolderName  \filename.doc

Thanks for your time!!
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Malli BoppeCommented:
I don't think windows would allow space  before or after the folder name.
ottobockAuthor Commented:
Your faith in Windows is too high. :-)
Your comment is true when creating a new folder in Windows - but you can use google and see the problem exists, and has existed for some time.

This problem frequently arises when moving folders from a Mac OS - in which folders with trailing spaces move over fine and actually can be partially utilized.

But they cause problems when trying to delete them, or when Mac OS client users navigate to the folder on a Windows server.

Therefore, I need to find them somehow, preferably without going one-by-one on 700GB worth of data.
Malli BoppeCommented:
Good to know something new about MS :).
ottobockAuthor Commented:
I only wish I could think of some route to find these folders. I have a feeling deep down that I will have to search for them manually through Explorer or something.
ottobockAuthor Commented:
I got it ~ I had to use the same Mac OS X server I transferred all the data from.

I used this OSX server for an advanced search (File > Find...) search through the Windows data share with options "Kind = Folder" and "Name Ends With = (1 empty space)" and this returned just what I needed!

So a bit of a time waster - but this was actually far easier than working in Windows. Primarily because Windows wont even allow me to rename the folders with trailing spaces. However, if I'm on the Mac server, I can rename the folder (which is on the Windows share!) without a problem.

Strange - strange.
Thanks anyway!

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