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Mysterious Windows XP Blue Window--Not Blue Screen

Several users on our network get a blue window on booting up.  It appears to be a blue screen of death, but it is in fact a large window with a standard gray frame. It has no close/restore/minimize buttons, resize handles, or other features.  
   By increasing the screen resolution, users can reveal the edges.  They can then grab the top edge and drag it down behind the menu bar out of the way.  Days or weeks later, it appears again full size.  It doesn't seem to interfere with ongoing operations.  Virus scans are negative.
    Does anyone have any experience with this, or any clue as to what causes it?
1 Solution
Is this in front of the Explorer Window? As in you still have a taskbar, systray desktop icons etc?

Process Explorer

Use teh crosshairs at the top to drag it over the window, and it should reveal the owning process.....
Granted you have a user that can see if after changing resolutions next time it happens.....
Can you ctrl+alt+delete, go to task manager and see what programs and or processes are running to find out?
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I would run Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware on one of the affected computers to see if it has any spyware.
Darren SharplesSystems SpecialistCommented:
start - run, type msconfig

on the startup tab you may be able to see a suspicous file that you can untick and stop from starting up.

have a look on task manager, you may be able to determine the filename from there
B HCommented:
you could post your startup entries here (a hijackthis log will do)

or if you want to have a little fun, open the task manager (ctrl-shift-escape) and start killing processes one by one until it goes away - then jot down that process name, search the registry for it, and delete it (also check the startup folders, or refer to a hijackthis run)
bthisAuthor Commented:
A blue window that covers the entire screen may be related to MS Communicator.  Quit Communicator and it disappears.  It does not reappear immediately if you restart Communicator, but may appear again later.  
    It first appears as a "blue screen of death" in front of all processes near the end of startup.  Eventually the taskbar pops in front of it.  Increasing the screen resolution enables you to view the edges, and reveals that it is a window with no Quit, Resize, Minimize, or Restore elements.  You can click the top border and drag it out of the way to view your desktop.  You can hide it beneath your taskbar. Or, just quit and restart MS Communicator.
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