External Login & Encrypt Password

Dear Experts,
Can anyone tell me how to create an External Login in ASE database to talk with sybase IQ
i.e ASA db. and for Audit purposes  I have to use encryption on password when I login to
IQ from ASE.

Any inputs appreciated.

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KishoreAdurtyAuthor Commented:
-- Most of my questions go unanswred in this group,  if its just for strightforward questions obviously there are lots of website with solutions,  the purpose of subscribing to EE is to get answers to
complicated questions from respected experts,  but seems to me Sybase/IQ experts are very few
and they are obviously very busy.

Unsatisfied Customer.
Joe WoodhousePrincipal ConsultantCommented:
On behalf of all the people here who work for free as a fun hobby in their spare time, I apologise that we don't always answer quickly enough for you. :)

Getting an external login setup from ASE to IQ is almost exactly the same as ASE to ASE. You just have to define the external server class as "ASIQ" rather than "ASE". (Or in earlier versions of ASE, you define it as "ASAnywhere" instead.)

- put a reference to the IQ server in the interfaces file used by ASE. Note the "server name" in the interfaces file should be the IQ database name, not it's server name. (Remember in the IQ .CFG file, -n before the .DB file is the server name, -n after the .DB is the database name)
- run sp_addserver in ASE (this is where you specify the server class ASIQ, and also I think specify that you want to use encrypted passwords)
- run sp_addexternlogin to setup a mapping from a local ASE login to a remote IQ login

Let us know if you'd like more help with those steps.
KishoreAdurtyAuthor Commented:
Thank you joe for your kind response,  let me make it clear I was not blaming any experts,  I was only saying  for  Sybase & IQ there is only limited resources available,  of course most of my question now or in past are answered my you & alpmoon and am sure you have your priorites first :)

Coming to my question : I have created an external login for ASE 15.x  - IQ 12.6 .
using sp_addexternlogin:
2. I have added the IQ server name on ASE interfaces file.
3. I can do isql from ASE server side and to IQ server (so interface file is fine)

4. Now How do i  test my External Login ?  if its working or not...
5. My next step is :  How to encrypt my External login passowrd  Passing from  ASE side to IQ:

Thanks for your help.
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Joe WoodhousePrincipal ConsultantCommented:
4. To test the extern login, you can try (from within ASE) "connect to [server name]" which will try to connect you in CIS pass-through mode. (Use "disconnect" to, well, disconnect.)

5. "sp_serveroption" can set up password encryption for remote servers. I'm not actually sure if that works for CIS servers as well, I guess you'll have to try it... it would be something pretty close to

   sp_serveroption [server_name], "net password encryption", "true"

I'm not sure if you'll need to set something at the IQ end to make that work...
KishoreAdurtyAuthor Commented:
Hello Joe,

Thanks for your response,  I was able to connect to remote sybase IQ server  using 'connect'
but when i enabled  "net password encryption" , True..   the Connect fails...
Do you think...  If i need to change any config settings on IQ side..  or do you think this is not supported
in CIS enviornment.. ?

Please let me know your thoughts...

Joe WoodhousePrincipal ConsultantCommented:
I've had a look through the IQ manuals, and it sure seems like IQ only does password encryption or ODBC connections, not for Open Client.

This might be worth opening a case with Sybase support for - they will definitely be able to tell you if this is possible or not.

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