Installation of VMWARE ESXi proper way to set up network

Hi all,

I'm brand new to VMWare ESXi and trying to learn so please forgive me.

I have a new ESXi install on a dedicated server. My ISP has assigned the box a single static IP ( ) and I have purchased a block of portable IP's (not tied to hardware) from them ( I'm note sure if it makes a difference but they are each on a different VLAN.

I want to create a virtual server with an IP of:

So I use the following settings in the guest OS:

What changes do I need to make to VMWare to make this scenario work?

My IP block is as follows:

ESXI Management Console (Hard Static IP)        yyy.yyy.238.26         

Available Portable Subnet              Total IP Addresses                      16
IP addresses in subnet        reserved        Network address                 Note        reserved        Gateway address                 Note                              Note                              XXX WANT A SERVER HERE XXX                               Note                               Note                               Note                               Note                               Note                               Note                              Note                               Note                               Note                               Note                               Note        reserved        Broadcast address                 Note


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ESX has a mangement IP address and other than that it is a virtual switch. so whatever switch you plug it into its like connecting that virtual maching to that switch.

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