zclient.exe Bad image - everytime I uninstall zonealarm it goes away - when I reinstall its back!

i really like zone alarm ..... and Ive bought it!  What to do?
Ive already uninstalled the free / reinstalled a paid version! :-( not happy

I get this:

zclient.exe Bad image

The app or dll c:\windows\system32\usp10.dll is not valid windows image.  Please check this against your installation diskette.
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Darren SharplesConnect With a Mentor Systems SpecialistCommented:
virus check before install, if your using any system protection software make sure its disabled.

uninstall any other firewalls and then install

_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you see if the old usp10.dll is gone from the Systen32 folder before you reinstall?

Turn off any antivirus/malware you have running.

Redownload ZoneAlarm, that one might have gotten corrupted.
fcekAuthor Commented:

from a cmd file I ran this and it fixed the problem.

sfc /scannow
>> from a cmd file I ran this and it fixed the problem.
>> sfc /scannow

Thanks for the feedback and the Points.    : )
fcekAuthor Commented:

No prob,  When I clicked on other deskops aps they started acting up as well.
So that did the trick.

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