hp e500 controller in dell PE 860

Has anyone successfully used a HP controller in a dell server? I have come across "it should work" and in theory it seems like it should. Just looking for someone who has real world experience with it. I want to put the e500 in a PE 860 to hook up to a MSA60. Thanks!
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lyrichartleyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
After going around with dell and hp saying that neither would support the configuration, I have decided to buy a supported HP.
I have a slightly different model (e200) working fine in a Dell Poweredge running 64 bit SBS 2008 with no issues.

A controller is a controller and it should be like a 99.9% working solution..
Dell or HP wouldn't officially support anything but their own rebranded OEM controllers.

There are only two chipsets either of these companies use (LSI and Adaptec) along with some modified firmware.

I used to work for DEC(now HP) a while back and any controller that didn't have a DEC logo wasn't officially supported EVEN though they were the exact same controllers.
HP used to OEM tape drives from a major manufacturer ,change the firmware so that it would only use HP rebranded tapes at a 25% premium.
HP won't officially support anybody else's server memory even though it may be a major name brand either.

HP is a marketing bully.

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