HP ML 110 G5 server RAID 1 - Is it possible to add a secondary hard disk for more space?

Dear Experts,

This is the setup: HP ML 110 G5 server RAID 1

I have RAID 1 setup in two identical 250 GB hard disk, now the server has 250 GB space with RAID 1 setup.

I need to have a 1 TB hard disk attached to this server for more space, will it work properly or is it possible?

Please advise!

Thank you in advance.

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Sure, pop it in and config the new HDD to be a different logical disk.  i.e, usable increases from 250GB RAID1 to   250GB RAID1 + 1 TB non-RAID

If, however, you want to migrate to RAID5, then you will end up with 500GB usable.  

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.. plus that 500GB will be much slower at writes then what you have now.  If it was me, I would buy a 2nd 1TB, and set up a 2nd RAID1 with it.    Make sure that the disk is qualified for the controller.   Garbage in ==> garbage out.  
str_kaniAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your quick reply!

Someone told me that I could not use the 1 TB with the existing RAID 1, I do not want this to be linked with the RAID 1 (controlled by the existing chip in mother board), can you please confirm I can add this 1 TB with this server model

"HP ML 110 G 5"

Please confirm.
>>> You:: pop it in and config the new HDD to be a different  logical disk.
I am not sure how I should setup this in BIOS for telling the server to treat this outside RAID 1. Please help me do that.

I am not planning to go for the RAID 5.

>>> You::  If it was me, I would buy a 2nd 1TB, and set up a 2nd RAID1 with it.     Make sure that the disk is qualified for the controller.   Garbage in  ==> garbage out.  

Yes, I could do that but the RAID 1 is running for some time and I may have some problem in moving that to 1 TB right?

I think this server support 1 TB RAID anyway I am not sure I understood your last bit.  Garbage in  ==>  garbage out.  

Thanks so much!
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You can not make the disk part of a RAID1 set.  You can stick it in the computer so that it is connected to the same RAID controller, and configure it through the HP array manager BIOS as a standalone disk.  It will still be controlled by the controller, but not married to the RAID1 in any way.

The garbage in-out refers to making sure the disk is qualified.  You just can't plug in anything and expect it to work, or even work well.  What is make/model of disk?

str_kaniAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the confirmation, I will give you the model number as soon as I get the new hard disk (on it's way) I wanted to try another 1 TB (not sure about the model) but I have ordered a new 1 TB for the ML 110. I will update you soon (let me take 2 days for this)

Thank you. You have my points in any case!

thx - for what it is worth, i wrote a somewhat meandering manifesto on good stuff in general for disks, raid, etc. last night.  
There are a few tips there that would be good for you to read.  Comments appreciated

str_kaniAuthor Commented:
Seagate Barracuda 7200. 12  1TB

Firmware cc38

Please let me know if you need more information about the HD:
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