Getting Runtime error '13' type mismatch for CDate in VB6 application

Hello here is the function

Private Sub txtInvDue_GotFocus()
   Dim th As String, td As Date
   If (txtInvDue.Text = "__/__/____") Then
      'Reformat Invoice date to MM/DD/YYY in order to increment by 30 days for Due date
      th = txtInvDte
      'Mid$(txtInvDte.Text, 4, 2) + "/" + Mid$(txtInvDte.Text, 1, 2) + "/" + Mid$(txtInvDte.Text, 7, 4)
      td = CDate(th)
      td = td + 30
      txtInvDue.Text = Format(td, "DD/MM/YYYY")
   End If
End Sub

i am getting error at line >>td = CDate(th)

could someone fix it.

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GrahamSkanConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
It means that the text in variable 'th' cannot be converted to a date. I suggest that you display it in some way (debug.print?) so that you can check its validity.
as_coderAuthor Commented:
Pointed to the right direction
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