asp:LinqDataSource question - dynamically passing in WHERE conditions from a collection

I am looking to pass in multiple 'RoleID' values from my code behind. Here is the HTML:

<asp:HiddenField ID="hdnRoleIDfield" runat="server" />
            <input type="hidden" id="hdnSelectedOption" runat="server" class="hdnSelectedOption" value="link_filter"/>

 <asp:LinqDataSource ID="linqTabStrip" runat="server" TableName="SiteNavigations" ContextTypeName="AuditTrack.Data.AuditTrackDataContext"
        Where="RoleID == @RoleID" >
              <asp:ControlParameter Name="RoleID" ControlID="hdnRoleIDfield" PropertyName="Value"  DefaultValue="0" DbType="Int32" />

The HTML code I have copied above is how I pass one int value to the WhereParameter. Any thoughts on how I pass to the LinqDataSource the collection of ID's that I receive from the GetRoles() method?

public partial class User
    { public List<Role> GetRoles()
            List<Role> roles = new List<Role>();
            foreach (UserRole userRole in this.UserRoles)

            return roles;

 AuditTrack.Data.User user = AuditTrack.Data.User.Get(AuditTrack.Data.User.CurrentUserID);

               hdnRoleIDfield = user.GetRoles();

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brad_lubConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I got it to work by providing the control that was using the linqDataSource a filtered DataSource (see below)...

AuditTrack.Data.User user = AuditTrack.Data.User.Get(AuditTrack.Data.User.CurrentUserID);

               var siteNav = (from sn in db.SiteNavigations
                              join r in db.Roles
                                 on sn.RoleID equals r.ID
                              join ur in db.UserRoles
                              on r.ID equals ur.RoleID
                              join u in db.Users
                               on ur.UserID equals u.ID
                              where u.ID == user.ID
                              select sn).ToList();

               Radtabstrip1.DataSource = siteNav;

Thanks for your comments...

brad_lubAuthor Commented:
Great article but it does not address the issue of passing to theLinqDataSource's WHERE Parameter a collection/list of ID's that I receive from a method.
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