Dual DNS records for Windows 2003 SBS server

Recently I have found that my SBS DNS is registering 2 A records for the PDC, one for each interface where as previously it was only registering the internal interface.

I have checked the adapters advanced properties and the option to have the record registered with the DNS is disabled for the adapter I don't want in the DNS. I have deleted the record but it just simply reappears after a while so something is putting it back in there.
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Amit BhatnagarConnect With a Mentor Technology Consultant - SecurityCommented:
This is a common issue and cannot be resolved by unchecking the Option in TCP\IP properties. What you need to do is to tell the DNS Server to only publish the desired IP in DNS. You can achieve this by creating a Registry Key as per this article :
Frankly, I am surprised how your DNS Server was NOT registering both the IPs initially. Unless, you make the changes in the registry, the DNS Server will ALWAYS register all the IPs available with the local machine.
P.S : Make sure to delete the records manually after you have created this reg. key and restart the DNS Service. If done correctly, the Records will not re-appear.
Open the Local Area Connection properties

select tcpip, and then properties
select advanced
select the dns tab
uncheck "register this connections addressin DNS"

SectorX4Author Commented:
As I said in my initial post I have already done this.
SectorX4Author Commented:
Seems kind of strange that there would be an option for this that seems to be ignored.

I have changed the setting and it seems to be ok for now but previously it has done this so I'll keep an eye on it. Assuming it all goes well I think Bamit99 has found the problem
SectorX4Author Commented:
I have checked this setting again just now and everything is working fine, solution worked!
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