BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express good or bad any feedback?

Hello all,
I am have about 30 BlackBerry users accessing there email on there BlackBerry thorugh web access. I want to move them to using  BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express 5.0
we have a exchange server on a server 2008 small business.

Can I get some feedback or reviews on uning BESE?
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BESE is use primarily for up to 30 users after that I think you should go to the BES server, I don't think you can get licensing for more than 30 on BESE. Since you are already at the cusp I would go for the BES.
I use both in different circumstnaces, but overall I'd say the BES is the best way for you to go.

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LENEROAuthor Commented:
the website has that it can hold 75 users. how much  does BESE cost? and how much does BES cost?
you can use the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express directly on the SBS server. As SBS supports a max of 75 users, that is the number of BlackBerrys you can run in that configuration.

There is no charge for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express (BES Express) software and the CALs, it is totally free. If you need more than 75 BlackBerrys, just install the BES Express software on a dedicated piece of hardware and add away.

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BESE costs is free for the first license and then $100/license. You also only get one free incident with BB.
As far as the number of users, I was speaking in a practical sense and not the max technical sense sorry if I miss conveyed my message.
The BES costs around $2,000 including 20-25 licenses, I believe, but you do have to provide a separate server.
Also you have to weigh how much overhead you are putting the SBS server as well, these are just practical matters, not explicit technical issues.
Also there may need to be a clarification I'm speaking of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Professional which may have been v4.x they may have renamed it to Express in v5 and now calling it Express and may have very well changed all of the licensing as well.
I will check further to see if that is true, or if someone posts first, that's good as well.
It appears the newest version does have a new licensing model. Here is an excerpt from BB.
Q: Am I going to have to pay an extra fee per month to use this?
A: BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express is free to all businesses – there is no software licensing cost and no client access license fees. For you, the end user, the only cost is the internet-enabled BlackBerry service plan from your wireless service provider. (This means if you can browse the Internet from your BlackBerry smartphone today you are already on a service plan that can be used with BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express).
But I would still state as a practical matter whether you would reach the 75 users using this version or even SBS for that matter, most of us SBS guys would tell you 50 would be more practical.
My comments were orginally base on the v4.x which I just installed a few months ago and hadn't realized this is there newest version, just released a few weeks ago.
I guess since you have to pay $30/month for the data plan they realize they are competing with MS and it doesn't cost anything else to hook a winods mobile phone up to a exchange server, even an iphone.
My customers will be glad to hear this.
LENEROAuthor Commented:
So I guess nobody has nothing bad to say and it works good I really have not found any bad stories about BESE
Nope, I couldn't say anything bad about it, but of course you really don't have a choice if you want to communicate directly with exchange. That being said it still is a lot cheaper when your running SBS than installing a full blown BES, which in your case is not neccessary.
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