Problem Syncing email to HTC's Touch Pro-2 from SBS 2003

We're having a problem Syncing email to HTC's Touch Pro-2 from our SBS 2003 server.
We have followed all the recommended steps and ensure that the firewall is configured correctly. I have tried it with our own "self-generated" cert and wonder if that may be the problem. Should we by a cert from say Verisign or somwhere else?
What else needs to be done on the SBS to support moble mail via active sync?
Thank you!!!
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Its a gud direction to buy an authorize cert
have u tried sync without using SSL to check if it syncs at all
disable ssl on IIS and on Handheld
n try syncing
On sbs 2003 you should be able to just accept the invalid certificate and move on, or even disable it. SBS 2008 is a whole 'nother animal. You should be able to configure any windows mobile phone to active sync. Have you configured any other phone's, can you use a web browser to access OWA?
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Please have a read of my article for Exchange 2003 / Activesync and start with the Test site at to make sure Activesync is working properly.
Requirements are Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 and port 443 open on the firewall forwarded to the Exchange Server.  You also need IIS to be setup properly but my article will guide you in case the test site reports errors.
Run the test using manual server settings (Exchange Activesync Test) and check the Ignore Trust for SSL if the certificate is NOT a 3rd party Trusted SSL certificate (i.e., a self-created certificate).
It is not essential to use a 3rd Party Trusted SSL certificate with a Windows Mobile Phone, but if you don't then you will need to install the certificate onto the device for it to work.  With a 3rd Party Trusted SSL Certificate (such as a GoDaddy cert), you don't need to install the certificate onto the phone as it will already be trusted.
My article: 
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Magothytech1Author Commented:
Thank you Alan for the info....I'm give it a try when onsite in the morning and then post back.

I have tried both with SSL and without SSL and still no joy ???

Magothytech1Author Commented:
Great job, things worked out over the weekend and the Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer was big help.
One of the execs had ginving me the wrong password and the problem with the other was a cert issue.
After first connecting each phone to their laptops and then thne opening the server and exporting the cert from the server to their laptops all was well.
Thanks for the support and suggestions!
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