Create static pages of dynamic ASP pages

Our website consists of classic ASP pages showing dynamic content from MS SQL 2000, hosted on Windows server. OUr pages would be much faster if we could "scrape" the HTML produced by the server and save somehow as static pages. Given complexity of IIS and ISAPI, what is best and easiest way to create these pages? Perhaps using som kind of cron job to cycle through the pages and renew periodically.
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tobzzzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi pkl51. This one has been asked before - there's no easy or great way to do it really but I think the best answer was in this thread:
How big is the website, is it worth just sitting down for a couple of hours and saving the "view source" from the browser?
Best of luck
sybeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are many free HTML scrapers around.
Search for "web scraper", "web sucker" and terms like that.
pld51Author Commented:
Thanks. tobzzz, re the answer by kaflanko given in the thread, how is the string sString created, so that a static html file can be created? I did not follow this nor the presumably associated "Put your ASP here". The ASP of a file for which we want a static version is extremely long; and if the output needs to be converted into a string, this is potentially horrendous!
Hmm, could be tricky for you then. Is the site to big to sit and save out the page source from a web-browser? Otherwise, perhaps your simplest route would be to get software to do the work for you, like sybe recommended.
pld51Author Commented:
sorry for delay!
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