how to identify email read time by end user... without sending a read reciept


I need to identify when a user read a specific email. Unfortunately no read reciept was tagged while sending that email. Any solution or view will be appreciated...

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madetis1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
No straight answers... abandoning this qtn
there is no way to know when recipient read your mail without using read receipt.
but if you just want to know whether your mail is already read or not, you can RECALL that mail, then if later you got Recall failed, that mean your mail already been read/opened.
but for this, both of you and recipient should using microsoft outlook.

no other way possible.
David LeeCommented:
Hi, madetis1.

FWIW read receipts don't guarantee knowing if/when an item was read either.  Outlook allows each user to configure whether read receipts are sent.  A user can elect to never send a receipt or to be prompted to send a receipt.  So even if you had requested a receipt you wouldn't know if the message had been read or not if you didn't get one.  The recipient could simply have declined to send the receipt.  If you really must know when an item is read, then in the message include a linked graphic (i.e. a graphic that's on a web server).  When the message is read Outlook has to fetch the graphic from the server and that action is recorded in the web server's log.  
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