Windows Server 2003 R2 DFSR and FRS errors

I am in the middle of replacing a DFS (Pre 2003 SP1) setup across two sites which uses FRS with the newer 2003 R2 SP2 DFSR and have struck an odd problem with one particular folder.

1. So far I have managed to stop replication and remove the link to the folder being replicated on the DFS + FRS Namespace.

2. I have then added the folder (which was just removed) to a new namespace and configured replication for the folder.

3. If i click verify Topology in DFS Management, the Status is " fully connected. Data can replicate throughout the topology".

The problem however is that the folders are not replicating. Looking into the event logs I get the following error "The DFS Replication service failed to initialize replicated folder E:\Users\user1 because the service detected that one of its private folders overlaps with an existing File Replication service (FRS) replica set. This is an unsupported configuration."

Running a DFS Health report I get at least 3 errors.

Two of the errors are the same:

The DFS Replication service is unable to access the performance counter DFS Replicated Folders(user1-{06FB9AC5-6417-47C2-B1B5-92BF058295B6})\File Installs Succeeded on FILEServer1. Performance data is unavailable. Error ID: 0xc0000bb8.

This is the 3rd error:
Replicated folder user1 overlaps with an FRS replica set.
The DFS Replication service cannot replicate the replicated folder user1 at local path E:\Users\user1 because it overlaps with a folder \\.\E:\Users\user1 that is replicated using File Replication service (FRS). This configuration is unsupported. Event ID: 6402

Even when stopping the FRS services all together, these message keep appearing.

Any Ideas would help me out a lot.

Thanks Everyone ...
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If the servers in question are not Domain Controllers...

Open AD Users end Computers
Turn on the "Advanced Features" AND "Users, Groups and Computers as containers"
Browse to the member servers on which the problem occur
Expanded them and locate the NTFRS related maps
Deleted those maps
Finally, rebuild the connections with the other members in DFS
Restart the DFS Replication service

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BestandLessAuthor Commented:
One of the two namespace servers is a domain controller ... is this going to be an issue if I remove it from there as well?
BestandLessAuthor Commented:
Didnt seem to matter about the DC role.

After Deleting the entries and restarting FRS Service, DFS Service and Distributed File system service, ... all was fixed!!!!

Active Directory uses DFS roots.  If you were to wipe the maps, you could damage active directory.  I imagine that would not be a big issue if the server had another DC to replicate with.
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