Securing documents .. cloud? other?

Hi there..

I am wondering if anyone can suggest a product or service for secure document exchange.  We have a small number of highly sensitive CAD drawings that we would like some engineers to work on.  We want to allow them to view and potentially modify these documents, but strictly control (or at least audit) their ability to re-save, print or otherwise copy the CAD content.  Ideally we'd like to prevent them from taking screen captures as well.  Ideally I am looking for a web-hosted option for something like this, but something strictly applied at a Windows server/share could be appropriate too.  I would also be interested in any similar services that could deal with PDF (or similar) document formats as well.

Suggestions are most welcome!
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Due to the sensitivity of what you are dealing with an internal approach is best.
i.e. if you use a cloud/VPS or similar external resource, you would have to make sure that the providers of said resources have as strict a security policy as well as your own dealing with the person/persons who were authorized to access it.

You can not guarantee that a screen shot will not be taken nor the person with the access recreates it.

I think you have an unrealistic expectation.
You either have to make a legal agreement with these individuals or not grant them access to the data.

What CAD application is being used?
The "work on" means they work on modifying the CAD or following the CAD to create/develop what's in it?

gtaplin2Author Commented:

Modifying the CAD.

There's some similar sorts of restrictive products for PDF such as LockLizardPDF.  One of the internal ideas was to give Citrix access to a CAD application that the engineer could then use.  I guess I'm looking for any other similar pratical or technical solutions that others could suggest?
gtaplin2Author Commented:
Not really a solution, more of a workaround.  It's a reasonable suggestion though under these circumstances.
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