Citrix Speed Screen - Flash Based Content

Hi there

We have a Citrix Xen App environment. Currently Internet Explorer 8 is published via Citrix. We have an issue where flash video content is quite blocky and the quality is not very good at all. For example YouTube videos are terrible to view. We have SpeedScreen Flash Acceleration enabled on our farm... 

However the content is still incredibly bad to view

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Heaps
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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think XenApp 5/2003 FP2 was the first to include support for the HDX stuff.  FP3 just adds additional features.
What version of XenApp (Version, Feature Pack, Rollup)?  What version of Client?  Are your clients on the LAN or over the WAN?  If both or over the WAN do any sites experience a "good" experience?  I asked about version because I may expand on Flash Redirection or Flash Enhancements in newer version of the product.
Carl WebsterCommented:
You should be using the new HDX features and the newer clients.  I have played with HDX in XenDesktop 4 and YouTube HD video performce is simply amazing.
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nickm34Author Commented:
Thanks for the comments guys

Right, we are using...

* Presentation Server 4.5.5
* Citrix Hotfix Rollup Pack PSE450W2K3R04

* Citrix Online Plug-in version
* Citrix Offline Plug-in version

Also we are using WAN based connections back to a datacentre where our Citrix servers are hosted. ALL of our sites connect via the WAN back to the datacentre

Thanks for the point towards HDX features. We will most likely setup in the lab and test this out.

Carl WebsterCommented:
If you are going to do testing then test XenApp 5/2003 (same as 4.5/2003) Feature Pack 3 and Windows Client V12.  Both released on March 24, 2010.
nickm34Author Commented:
Thanks for that

Does that mean that our current Xenapp versions / configuration most likely will not work with HDX features or are you just saying to use these versions because you know that it works for you?

We will test this and let you know how it goes

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