sbs 2003 automatic updates failed now computer wont shut down - help

Good afternoon guys.

Windows updates was carried out this morning on our SBS 2003 machine, there was 26 in total with only 22 being applied. The updates froze and wouldnt do anything. In the end, i had to kill the process. The server will now not restart or reboot.

Also it looks as though a few services have stopped, prob to do with the updates. If i knew that Windows update was going to cause this much trouble, i wouldnt have bothered.

Clients can still connect to the server etc, but it needs rebooted. Obviously i can press the big red button but i am not too keen on doing that.

I need some advice asap please as i am not really a techie.

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have you tried a remote shutdown? shutdown /r /f /t 0 \\sbsservername.
If it is that hung you may have no other choice but to hit the big red button.
let me know if that helps.
that should be /m \\sbsservername
dalewrightAuthor Commented:
hi conchCrawl

done the big red button and the server came back up.

However, all administrator icons have vanished and i cant start Server manager, it says its missing.

What do you suggest?

Bloody windows updates :*o(
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well unfortunately I would tell you to finish the updates again :-).
I don't know which one hosed your server but of course it shouldn't have, but it happens.
The curious thing is I'm not sure why you don't see your icons on the desktop.
Are you getting the start bar?
If not open taskmgr and end the process explorer, the from file new process type in explorer.exe
see if that gets your desktop back.
Other than that try running the updates again, let me know how it goes.
dalewrightAuthor Commented:
there are icons on the desktop, they are just not shown on the administration panel.
Yea getting the start bar etc.
It would it not be worth un-installing the updates?
Well then you would have to figure out which one failed and if you could uninstall it, that is why I suggested going to windows updates and let it redetect what updates need to be installed and it should recover.
dalewrightAuthor Commented:


A techie guy had been moving roaming profiles and changed the default location to a different drive instead of the C: drive, but had not updated the profiles list for each user, hence when logging onto the server remotely, the profiles where pointing to a different location but each users profile was mapped to the server root c.

Many thanks for the help.
Ok, that sounds logical conerncing the missing icons after the reboot, maybe kick him in the seat of the pants for scaring you like that.
But does that solve your issue with the updates failing?
dalewrightAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the late reply

Can you please award ConchCrawl 125 points for his help and reassign the other points back to my account.

does that mean I don't get my 125 points :-).
Ady FootSharePoint ConsultantCommented:

Unfortunately it does mean that you get no points - there is no way to award points for effort I'm afraid.  As the author posted the solution the recommendation I made was to close the question, place it in the PAQ database for the value of the solution and refund the author his points.  There is no way to assign you the 125 points and refund the author the rest.

Hope that helps to clarify?


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No Problem:-), glad to help anyways.
Question PAQ'd, 300 points refunded, and stored in the solution database.

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