Shopping Cart with Customer Defined Recurring Billing


Does anyone have a recommendation for a shopping cart that has a customer defined recurring billing option?  It's for a coffee store, and they would like to have two features:

1) A coffee of the month club, where the customer signs up for a set price, and receives a MERCHANT-DEFINED, featured coffee each month.  Once they sign up, they should get billed every month, and  the merchant should get a notification for shipping.

2) A CUSTOMER-DEFINED recurring coffee order.  The customer gets to choose what kind of coffee to receive, how much coffee, and how often.  Once they set that up, they get billed on a regular basis, and the merchant gets notifications for shipping.  The customer should be able to log into their account and change their settings whenever they want to.

The only ones I've seen have been for recurring payments on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc), and not necessarily tied to shipping.  We really need the option for customer defined customization, and for the shipping notification when recurring orders are processed.

Thanks in advance!
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smfmetro10Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for the input, Andrew.  We did some further research, and it looks like Volusion and UltraCart both have customizable clubs with recurring billing options.  They are slightly limited, i.e. the customer has to choose from several different timing options (weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, etc), rather than setting their own exact times (e.g. every 3 days or whatever), but they can choose whatever coffee they want, and how much, and I think it will work for our purposes.
I don't know of any shopping carts that could handle that specifically, but there are alot (nearly all the major ones these days) all you to extend them using an API or plugins - it wouldn't take a good programmer very long to tailor the solution for you.

Sorry, I will re-read the manuals, but I don't know any cart that will support a user defined recurring billing period.
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