Create List box from an array

Hi all, I've VBA code that brings data from a network drive csv file. I want to at run time be promted to select from a list box an object in the array (trailer) and continue to run based upon my selection, this is the current code;

Sub RunLoad()
' RunLoad Macro
' Macro 22/03/2010 by bez66

    Sheets("Load Details").Select
    Dim x1, x2, x3, x4, trailer, itemCode, itemUpc, itemDescription, uom As String
    Dim quantity, total As Double
    Dim j, row, column, count, xcount, x, h, a As Integer
    Dim found, xfound As Boolean
    Dim trailers(100)
    Dim itemCodes(500, 2)
    'Open "h:\freshcook\paul\desp20.txt" For Input As 1
    Open "z:\desp20.txt" For Input As 1
    Do Until EOF(1)
        Input #1, x1, x2, x3, x4, trailer, itemCode, itemUpc, itemDescription, quantity, uom
        If x1 <> "0" Then
            'create trailer array - sets column for each trailer number
            found = False
            For j = 1 To count
                If trailer = trailers(j) Then
                    found = True
                    Exit For
                End If
            If found = False Then
                count = count + 1
                trailers(count) = trailer
            End If
            'create itemCode array - sets row for each item code
            xfound = False
            For x = 1 To xcount
                If itemCode = itemCodes(x, 1) Then
                    xfound = True
                    Exit For
                End If
            If xfound = False Then
                xcount = xcount + 1
                row = row + 1
                itemCodes(xcount, 1) = itemCode
                itemCodes(xcount, 2) = row
            End If
            'output data
            Cells(x + 6, 1) = itemCode
            Cells(x + 6, 2) = itemUpc
            Cells(x + 6, 3) = itemDescription
            Cells(x + 6, j + 3) = quantity
            Cells(6, j + 3) = arr
        End If
    'row totals
    h = 6
    Cells(6, count + 4) = "TOTALS"
        h = h + 1
        If Cells(h, 1) = "" Then Exit Do
        For a = 1 To count
            total = total + Cells(h, a + 3)
        Cells(h, a + 3) = total: total = 0
    'column totals
    row = 6
    column = 3
    total = 0
        column = column + 1
        If Cells(6, column - 1) = "TOTALS" Then Exit Do
            row = row + 1
            If Cells(row, 1) = "" Then Exit Do
            total = total + Cells(row, column)
        Cells(row, column) = total
        total = 0
        row = 6

End Sub
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Rory ArchibaldCommented:
The simplest thing would be to have a userform with a listbox, then assign the trailers array to the Listbox's List property.

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Bez66Author Commented:
Many thanks for the advice.
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