Virtual Terminal Server with Read Only VHD

hello everyone,

a few days ago i was talking to a system administrator who was bragging about his virtual server environment, who doesn't? He told me he had 12 virtual terminal servers who all are using the same VHD to boot from.
i did not ask him how he got that working but when i told my manager he ordered me to build an testing environment and show him this would work.

could someone help me to get started and tell me where to look.
i included a systematic drawing of our desired structure.

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The only way I can think of achieving that would be through the use of differential vhd's.

To quote HYPER-V:-
'...This type of disk is associated in a parent-chile relationship with another disk that you want to leave intact.  You can make changes to the data or operating system without affecting the partent disk, so that you can revert changes easily...'.

So to translate that for you, when you choose differencing disks, a new VHD is created but the onlt data written to that VHD will be data that is unique to that virtual machine - i.e. registry, hostname, IP details, swap files, temp files etc.

Does that help?
bsavelkoulsAuthor Commented:
so if i am wright,
i need to:
- install a clean server
- install drivers
- configure the server
- install software

create a new VM with "differential vhd's" linked to the disk of the server i already installed.
then change settings on the virtual terminal servers and it should work?

is it possible to link those VM's to a disk witch only contains the files and data of the physical terminal server without the operating system actualy is running?
everything you say is ok...but not quite sure about the last statement - I don't quite understand what you are saying.
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bsavelkoulsAuthor Commented:
i hope this is more understandable,

is it possible to install the physical server and then copy all the files to (or move the entire harddisk to) our storage solution?
think I'm getting you want to set up your terminal server on a physical box, configure it, install the applications, drivers, printers etc and then move it to your SAN as a VHD.

The answer is yes - you can P2V (physical to virtual) the terminal server and go from there.  However, knowing how sensitive terminal services can be, I wouldn't do it.  I'd build the terminal server master as a virtual machine from the start.

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bsavelkoulsAuthor Commented:
just needed to get some help to get started.
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