Why use a server as a dc instead of a workstation pc?

My firm has 2 dcs over 2 sites. Our current  pdc is a very old pc with a 664mhz Pentium 3 processor and 512mb ram.
Thats for a firm with around 150 pcs.

1. Why use a server as a dc instead of a workstation pc?

2.What are the advantages of using a higher spec machine as a DC?
I was thinking about a single quad core processor server like the Dell Poweredge r200.

I need to be able to justify to my boss why it would be better to have a server as a dc rather that a normal Dell pc with a teamed NIC setup.

3. What processes stress the ram and physical processor in a dc?
I believe that if using Universal groups (which all our groups are) causes more stress but not sure of the exact reason.

Any information so I can justify myself would be great.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Your not going to like my answer.  Well, the first part.

DC functionality, especially for a small company such as yours (yes, to me 150 users is small) is just not taxed - ESPECIALLY when it comes to new hardware.  So performance - lots of RAM and CPU is pointless.  (If I can have 1000 users and dozens if not over 100 groups run off two 300 MHz systems running Server 2000 (and 2003 got more efficient), then I don't see why you should have any problem at all with the most basic of servers.

That said, I would recommend a name brand server class machine.  It just doesn't have to be powerful.  You want a name brand server class machine because your servers handle CRITICAL functions for the business - DNS, authentication (and depending on your environment, perhaps other roles like File sharing and print sharing).  These systems need to be under 24x7x365 warranty for at least 3 years and, if available have a 4 hour on-site response time.  Who cares about the workstations - a workstation goes done, one person cannot work (and if the network is well setup, that user can go sit at another's desk and work anyway.  The SERVER provides important services to everyone... if it fails, you have dozens of people sitting idle who you are still paying.

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