Google Apps Smarthost for Exchange

Currently running in dual mode as we prepare to switch, our exchange box routes email to MessageLabs (smarthost) for scanning, as part of the change we'd like to take MessageLabs out of the loop and replace them with Google in the interim, anyone know the smarthost details for google apps or if this is even possible? We have Google Apps Premier Edition.
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I dont believe you can do it because the Google Apps SMTP server will require authentication, and the Exchange smarthost setting wont allow you to enter authentication details.
However, I believe that something as primitive as Mercury Mail could do the job.
You could set Mercury Mail to act as the smart host, and then set Mercury Mail to relay everything to Google
It's been a while since I've played with Mercury Mail, but I understand you can set authentication details for a remote smtp server.
From memory, I think it needed to run as a desktop application and not as a service.
Glen KnightCommented:
Maybe you could explain a little more about what you are trying to do?
Have you configured GoogleApps yet?  There is an option to have googleapps receive your mail and then deliver it to your local SMTP server.

I can not see any point in sending it back to them?
pbgormleyAuthor Commented:
Hi Demazter, we're running in dual mode Google apps Premier, using Exchange (this is a short term thing but needed until we change a few more things)

At the moment we're receiving email from Google Apps no worries, currently our Exchange is set up to smarhost/smtp connector to forward all email to MessageLabs (they where our email filtering partner) what we would like to do is create a smarthost/smtp connector to forward all mail to google ?? make sense??

In the next few weeks we plan to take Exchange out of the loop completely but we've a few changes needed across our systems first, hence the need for dual mode.
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Glen KnightCommented:
So Google Apps are sending your mail back to your exchange server?
And you want to configure an SMTP connector to send mail back to them?

This would cause a loop.

Where are your mailboxes hosted at the moment?
pbgormleyAuthor Commented:
we're in Dual mode so both exchange & google
Glen KnightCommented:
so you have some mailboxes on exchange and some on google?
In that case what you need to do is setup a Shared SMTP Address Space.

For Exchange 2007/2010 this is called an Internal Relay and is covered in my article here:

if you find the article useful then please vote for it :)

If your using Exchange 2003 then you would do the following:

When you configure the Shared Address Space you would have your server forward mail to the googleapps servers list here:

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pbgormleyAuthor Commented:
We have our Exchange mailboxes duplicated on Google and the MX record for the domain set to point to google.   The mails come into google and there are 2 destinations set up, one for google and one for exchange so that all incoming mail gets stored in both for now (end goal is just to have google but we have other issues with exchange to sort out first).

The problem is that exchange is set to use messagelabs as the outgoing smtp connector so that all outgoing messages from exchange get scanned, we want to change that to use google's smtp server to take messagelabs completely out of the loop.

We've tried adding an smtp connector to exchange for, using TLS and outgoing authentication with the google apps username and password and it sends the emails via google's smtp server, however because google needs that smtp authentication and the connector is set to the one username all emails being sent are getting the correct name of the person sending but the from address and return path is always rather than
Glen KnightCommented:
I don't think you are going to be able to achieve what you want.
The only way to do it is with the instructions I posted in my previous post.  This would rely on the mail only being delivered to one location and the mailbox only in one location.
I agree with demazter :)
If you really wanted all the outgoing mail to be sent via the google smtp server, the only solution I see is a lot of work.
You could set up another account within each Outlook client to use gmail as the outgoing smtp server, and use the individuals google user account.
Put a non-sense pop server in  and make sure that it is set to be excluded from the normal send / receive cycle, and put google as the smtp server.
After you have disabled using the fony pop server, set the account as the default account in Outlook.
Workable for 4 or 5 users, but would drive you nuts if you have any more.
To ease the pain, you may be able to script an Outlook profile creator.

pbgormleyAuthor Commented:
Ok so spoke with Google and it seems it cant be done, well not the way we want to, so be it...

quick question, does either of you have any experience with dual delivery or dual mode in google apps ??
Glen KnightCommented:
The correct method to complete this task is comment ID: http:#28541969

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