Send as non-default Exchange Alias

If I have a primary e-mail address (say and additional e-mail addresses (say and, how do send as my non-primary user in Outlook?  I tried using the "From" field but the server said I didn't have permissions to send as  Is there something in Exchange I need to change?
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mass2612Connect With a Mentor Commented:


You can only send from a secondary address like that if you use a second mailbox with the secondary SMTP address unless you use POP/IMAP (but I don't have much experience with those) or a 3rd party tool such as Choose From by

Two Domains One User

Keiran also has a video on doing something like this with a POP config : -

Sending email from secondary addresses

You can get around it but you can't do it with a simple permission setting on one mailbox.

When I have done this before I have two mailboxes: -
MBX1 -
MBX2 -

I then configure a forward on MBX2 to forward all mails to MBX1. I also config permissions so that can send as

Assigning "Send As" Permissions to a user

ChooseFrom for Microsoft Exchange 2007
PDiddyHixAuthor Commented:

It is unfortunate that there is no out of the box way to do this!  Thanks for all the info you provided.  This gives me several "work arounds"
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