Howto create a automated recovery DVD built on BartPE and Ghost?

I've searched for a solution for this in several forums including EE but I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for.

I want to create a DVD that:

- Contains a fancy boot-menu with a customized background with a button that when pressed does the following:
- Automatically starts Ghost 11+ (?) and automatically restore the file image.gho that is injected in a specified folder and automatically continue if the image contains of more than one file (or in "worst case" give the user a prompt to continue to the next file.
- My wish is also that the DVD starts a process afterwards that creates an unice SID so if I use the same DVD on several identic computer models they all get an unique SID.
- I also want to be able to replace the image on the DVD when creating a recovery for another machine.

I'm not very good at scripting, but I feel I'm onto something but is indeed in need of some expert help ;)

Thanx in advance!
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In regards to the DVD starting a process to create a unique SID, that is achieved using sysprep(or NewSID if you are running XP). Depending if you are using Windows XP, or vista and higher will determine what type of answer file to use. There are several paid software packages that will allow automatic imaging via PXE boot. What operating system are you wanting to deploy?
elzackaAuthor Commented:
We use Ghost Cast + PXE boot for this purpose at work but we also sometimes need a  solution to ship recovery-DVD's with the machines we sell. The machines are used and re-configured for new customers. Sometimes with some special configurations. Mostly with WXP, but aometimes with Vista.

The images are created with Ghost 11 and stored on a server. My purpose is to find a DVD recovery-solution that make it as easy as possible for the customers to use. if they experience a coputer crash.
You don't need to change the SID...
Read this article (from Mark Russinovitch. The guy knows what he talks about):

You can create your ghost image by running
sysprep /generalize
before actually creating the image.
Check this article:

In the past, I used to bootable DVD using "floppy emulation", with a DOS system. Ghost used to provide such DOS system, with all the needed components
The DOS system would have "CD-ROM drivers" so that it can access the files on the DVD (ISO9660 and the like).
It will then launch:
and then

If you have Ghost 11, the easiest way is to launch Ghost Boot Wizard from your Ghost 11 installation.
If there is no shortcut in your start menu, navigate to
C:\Program Files\Symantec\Ghost
and double click
Ghost Boot Wizard.
Then follow the wizard's instructions. Using a WinPE based media is certainly the best option.


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