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Just need some colour advice for the vertical menu bar on the left of this page that I'm doing for a client:

I really need advice on the colour display and the hover colours. I find it doesn't quite match the background colour. I'd like to retain the background colour. This is the main page:

I really looking for specific help here rather than links to a bunch of graphic sites. Like precise colour picks on the non-hover and hover colours, text colours since it's in CSS.

I think there is a bug in IE 7 and less so I can't have a white background colour. It's pure CSS I'm using.

thank you,

Victor KimuraSEO, Web DeveloperAsked:
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joeyluConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi, there are many combination for menus, I always believe the best combination should match your own website color scheme. I browsed your website for a bit, found three main color scheme, you use Orange for text header, titles, Use Green for bar, segments and use the blue for general skin
yes I agree with you that your current sub menu color is a bit too saturated, but to stay with your own color scheme, I think you should still stick with green, orange, in order to maintain the consistency.
I attached the one that I think might match, but again, design is very personal, people has their own habits on color or shapes, but that should give you the idea, to inherit your website color scheme

what I've done on the sub menu color:

1. menu is a navigator, should not be an eye popping area, your article or relative images should be the main player. Since you are using green as bar background, I take that for the sub menu too, just make it not too colorful

2. the sub-submenu, if your visitor click the sub menu, that means he's looking for some pages, therefore the menu list now becomes the focus area, that's why I use your original Orange color to make the differential. Orange is a powerful color, not good to be all over the place, but good to stay in this place to contrast your listing.  
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