Check Statistics on Google and bing Keywords


Quick question can anyone tell me how;

a. I can see the statistics on particular searches on google. so search the number of times 'document previewer' was searched for on google and bing?

b. What are peoples thoughts on optimising for bing at the moment?

c. How can i check our site against these keywords searches (i.e. how relevant are we to this search?) and if so how do we improve our listing against this search.

Thanks in advance,

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As far as google goes, you can use their Analytics program. It's free and offers some awesome tools for domain statistics. The only thing is that you can't actually see any particular search term. With Analytics what you would be able to see is the searching trends that your website has. For example you can see how many people are googling "document previewer" and getting to your site. You can also see which place you're in for a particular search.

Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't really have a program like this for bing (to my knowledge). But I would definitely recommend trying out Analytics. All that you need to install it is to insert a small piece of code on your webpages that registers the code with google.

More information here:
I stand corrected!

Bing does have such a tool:

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Joshua TitsworthDigital Marketing SpecialistCommented:
1. I haven't heard of something that compares google and bing's keyword research side by side, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
Of course Google's keyword research tool is:
And Bing's is:
These research tools give rough estimates on how many times a particular term was searched for.

2. While Bing isn't used as much as Google, it is still worth optimizing for. I haven't done a great deal to optimize specifically for Bing, as the searches I've done on both haven't been that greatly different.

3. bswinnerton has provided you with some good information about using Google Analycits and Bing's Webmaster Tools. I'd actually say to sign up for Google Webmaster tools as well. Signing up with webmaster tools will require a code from both Bing and Google to be placed in the header of your site. Both of these webmaster tools will offer you a chance to look at how your site is performing in the search.
Joshua TitsworthDigital Marketing SpecialistCommented:
I would sign up with to get some great tools to check how your site ranks for certain keywords:

And to optimize for these keywords, depending on your level of comfortability with SEO, I'd start with reading the material on and even try reading this article written by a member here:'s-Guide-to-Onsite-SEO-Best-Practices.html
Geoff KenyonCommented:
Hi Flynny,

In addition to the tools recommended by Seiko 08, I have recently been using to check search volume.

As far as optimizing bing, right now their algorithm is a little different than Google's so you will notice different ranking.  Right now ~10-15% of the market (depending on who you talk to), so unless you have a lot of extra time I wouldn't sweat Bing too much. I believe that as Bing tries to improve the quality of their search results, they will continue to refine their algorithm and it will look more and more like Google's-again, leading me to say don't worry about Bing too much.

As far as checking how you are ranking, you have a couple options - I really like the SEObook tool Seiko 08 brought up.  Additionally, you can see rankings in Google webmaster tools (next to your top keywords). I also wrote an article on checking rankings that you may find helpful:

If you are looking for a tool that will analyze your site and tell you how well you are targeting the keyword, I would recommend staying away from these, but if I were to use one I would probably use:

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