How to skip parameter prompt in crystal viewer when parameters are optionsl

we have an application calling crystal reports
teh same report can be called from 2 different options in teh application.
option one call the reort by passing param1 and param2
option 2 call teh same report by pasing param 2 and param3

as param1 and param3 are optional, we do not wnt crystal viewer to prompt teh user to enetr theses parameters.
is tehre a way we can do this?
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Yes but you would need to create a new report, don't know if your willing to do that or not. If you create & use any parameters in a report, you must pass some type of value for those parameters even if they are padded/blank values or the prompt will be displayed. I would suggest just that, passing some type of blank value or a wild card character to be used in those places.

As to design a new report, a way I now prefer. In your front end application design a typed dataset that fits all your table structures for the report. When creating the report(s) design it based on the typed dataset rather then connecting it to a database. Then in the front end you can fill the dataset any way you want and filter it by the user choices and then just pass the filled dataset to the report as its datasource. No parameters needed in the report, it only uses whatever data you pass to it.

If you are using CR2008 then you can use optional parameters.
If it is an earlier version then you have to provide all parameter values.

You would simulate an optional parameter by providing a specific known value  to mean ' no value' and then using a formula field to test for and handle the known value.  Can't be any more specific because i don't know what you are using your parameters for.
zrodAuthor Commented:
i am using CR2008, So we are in teh case of optional parameters.
However in this case, if i run a report without passing all optional paraemeters, can i skip the prompt to enter these
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HOw are you running the report?

Earlier versions had a flag you could set to stop prompting for the parameters.

zrodAuthor Commented:
the reports are launched from the application,  
this flag seems interesting to consider.
can you help having some documentation on how to set it.
As I recall it was

rptObj.EnableParameterPrompting = False


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