outlook 2007 and hyperlink when writing a message

Hi, some Outlook 2007 installastions with Exchange 2007 have some strange problems. When writing mail i cant write hyperlinks to web or mail adresses, but if i mark them and rigthclick and hyperlink and then ok the link is there, but it dont show when only press enter or space. But some of the persons i send to get active hyperlinks even if i dont se them as active, bur most dont get them active. Any clue?
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ComputerBeastConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No need to worry about that. This is simply an Outlook's internal problem. Make hyperlinks as you are currently doing or just reinstall Outlook.
cralAuthor Commented:
So there isnt any fix or something on this? Someone mention a registry fix if IE6 or 7 is used on the computer, but i use IE 8.
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