Local/Public Outlook Appointment sync

In outlook, Is it possible to create an appointment in a local calender and place it in a public calendar? If the meeting time/location was changed this should be reflected in the public calendar copy of the meeting.

Using Outlook 2007 and SBS 2008
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apache09Connect With a Mentor Commented:
No there is no built in Sync for Exchange Public Folders and Outlook.

However, there is a trick for single items like meetings or appointments.

AS per SlipStick:

Here's a trick for appointments: Since every public folder has an e-mail address by default (on the Properties dialog for the folder, choose Add to Personal Address Book), you can simply invite a public folder calendar to a meeting.

Also, don't forget that for offline use, you can drag any public folder to Public Folders/Favorites and set the Favorites copy to synchronize.

Other than that, Outlook does not provide any built-in mechanism for syncing between Outlook mailboxes and Public folders, hence the list of tools on this page.

You can do this using a Exchange Folder Sync.
These are 3rd party apps.

Look for CODE Two Exhange Folder Sync

PowerhousecomputingAuthor Commented:
is there no option with in exchange/outlook? i only want to do this for single items like meetings.
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