Network Printer Error 0x7e Windows 7 PC Printing to Windows Server 2003

We have our print server a windows servrer 2003 machine with all the latested patches. Just started getting in some windows 7 computers. We setup new installs of the printers on the server with the windows 7 drivers. So we would have \\server\printer and \\server\printer_7 for our win 7 machines.

When we go to the win 7 machine to add the printer using the add printer wizard and browsing for the shared printer through the directory and trying to connect with unc \\server\printer_7 both fail with the same error. Cannont connect to printer error 0x000007e.

We only get this on the win7 machines. I know there is the way where you add a local printer and create the ip port but that is a dumb workaround, i would imagine this would be done easily like with the xp machines who just hit the server unc path and click on whatever printer they want.

For testing, firewalls are off, printer secuity is set everyone group to full access.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Valmatic,

We have also come across this problem when using 64bit Windows 7 and a 2003 print server, to save time our solution was to upgrade to WIndows 2008 R2 server which worked perfectly. Once this was in place we found that there was compatibility issues between 2003 server and WIndows 7 that would not allow drivers to self install on Windows 7 from the 2003 server, this bit us in the rear as I never expected it.

I know this is not what you wanted to hear but it was our solution.
valmaticAuthor Commented:
Actually i tried that too probably a couple hours before you wrote in. It seems to have worked on my admin laptop but then when i went ot a win 7 user they got some crazy driver not found message. I was like great! So i have to see what thats about. Did you have that problem with the computers saying no driver found? I put in the 64 and x86 bit drivers.

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Hi, if the clients were 64 bit and the servers 32 bit - Then the reason it suddenly worked, most likely, was that you downloaded the 32 and 64 bit drivers at the same time.

The trick to avoiding the dreaded 0x7e error in these scenarios (32 bit server 64 bit client) is to ensure that both drivers are the EXACT same version number and name.

I hope this helps somebody - as it took me all bloody day to work this one out ;)
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