Advise Needed on Dell PowerVault NX3000

Hi  There,

I would like some advise on Dell PowerVault NX3000. The NX3000 comes with Windows 2008 Storage OS .I don't have much experience in storage technologies.

I would like to know if it's a good idea for me to install the iscsi adapter on the NX3000 in order for me to perform the back up to my powefault backup tape?  

Also is there special configuration needed for me to get my NAS up and running ?
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Yes the iSCSI adapter is needed for it to show up on the network and be available for backup.

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MCP200Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

What about the Windows 2008 Storag configuration ? anything special needed or just enable the sharing ?

I was told it was not a good idea to install iSCSI adapter on the NAS and i founded it strange.


Just sharing will get you going.
I've not heard of a recommendation to not enable iSCSI before.
What reason did they give for not enabling iSCSI?
MCP200Author Commented:
I was told to avoid installing the iSCSI adapters on the unit by a dell technician and to backup over the network as it will waste of memory resource? I’ve never heard that before.  I’ll play around with it in a lab environment before I roll it out life.
mmm, well ok it will take up some memory every adapter will.

Your bottom line is best, install and test it in your lab. Check not only resource utilization but also do some throughput testing to and from it. Best to use at least 20gb of test data and if possible two sets, one set comprised of large files and the other of many small files. Many small jpg, mp3, or something like that will be great for testing worst case since many small files have a much higher overhead and they are compressed.

The combination of these two sets of data to and from will give you a good idea what to expect real life. Oh and this should be done with and then again without the iSCSI, again so you can measure real life effects.

Also testing should include the use of your backup application.
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