Find what programs are automatically starting

I'd like to know the list of places I can check through to see what programs are automatically starting when I boot Mac OS 10.6.  I installed a handful of ports a long time ago on this machine and haven't used it in quite a while, and I want to use Apache HTTPd 2.2 that was installed through the port--NOT the installation that came with OS X.  Web Sharing is turned off, but the default installation still starts at boot.

I'm not just looking to find out why this installation is starting--that's only part of my question.  I'd also like to know the best method of checking when and where various executables are kicked off at boot time.
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Pull down the Apple Menu to System Preferences. Go to the Accounts preferences and check the LOGIN ITEMS tab for the current user. Any app shown there will start automatically regardless of whether it is checkmarked. (The checkmark only determines if it loads in the background or foreground).

Also check the Startup Items folders.

There are two of them, one the the /Library folder at the root of the harddrive and one in the Library folder in the User's home folder.
TechComposerAuthor Commented:
Not really what I'm looking for.  Need guidance more along the lines of checking init.d, etc.

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The beast is called launchd, and is whats handeling all the loading - either once, scheduled or on demand.

Scripts in 'Startup Items' is still executed, but the system is deprecated, so it should not be used.

LaunchDeamons: system background stuff.
LaunchAgents: User specific stuff.

Both can be installed in /System/Library, /Library & ~/Library

For a user, strung is right that there can be 'login items' that is loaded. This is the GUI low-level version of Agents,, and they are Not monitored by launchd - deamons & agents are!

You need to look into launchctl in order to control loading/unloading of launchd stuff. (unless you like to reboot a lot)
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