TSQL question: How can I perform a calculation on on multiple values?

Hello Experts,

I need to return values like this '131531013' into a date format like 2007/1/5. I have the math for it:
declare @tsdate int
set @tsdate = 131531013
declare @day int      
declare @month int      
declare @year int      

select @day = @tsdate % 256      
select @month = (@tsdate % 65536) / 256      
select @year = @tsdate / 65536      

but I'm stuck on getting it into a multi-row dataset.

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Om PrakashCommented:
Please check the code
Create table myDate (dtString varchar(20))
--Consider you have created above table
insert into myDate values ('131531013')
--And inserted date you mentioend
select * from #myDate 
--Select Query
select cast((dtString  % 256) as varchar(2)) + '/' + cast(((dtString  % 65536) / 256) as varchar(2)) + '/' + cast((dtString / 65536) as varchar(4)) as [myDate] from #myDate 

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First, what database are you using: MS SQL Server or MySQL? The question tags list both types ...

> but I'm stuck on getting it into a multi-row dataset

If you mean run that logic on a column of values, yes ... you could put the logic into a UDF. Then call the UDF from your query.  Example in MS SQL:

    SELECT    dbo.ConvertIntToDate( SomeIntegerCol ) FROM  TheTable ....


Also, is your int value ("131531013") some sort of epoch? Just wondering if there's an easier way to do the conversion.
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