Goldmine Freezing when dong certain tasks

Since doing some housekeeping (mainly deleting lots of old activities) on the Goldmine Server, we are experiencing delays/freezes when users are opening a pending task and updating records.

I have already truncated the log files and reindex the database so Im at a loss with regards to fixing this issue.

Whats you thoughts chaps?
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Is it happening from all machines? Is it reproduceable? Can you see this behavior on the server itself? (This latter question is to eliminate the network as an artifact or potential cause of the problems.)

You could run a SQL trace (beyond my skill to describe how to set this up... gmgenius?) to see if anything untoward is happening in your SQL engine.

Does it happen with any other applications you're running on this server?

Is anyone on your system trying to run the built-in GoldMine reports? Some of these (i.e. any report pulling History data) can kill your server response.

After-hours test: power down all the computers on your Lan and test GoldMine directly on the server for a while. If it runs fine, then it's one of your users or one of their computers that's doing it to you.

Network problems could include bad NICs causing excess chatter and traffic. A workstation could have a virus causing it to spew stuff into your router. (These may be unlikely, but easy enough to rule out with the after-hours test.

Chris MConsulting - Technology ServicesCommented:
This sounds more of a database issue.
Please add more hardware capacity to your database.

Ensure that you maintain your database to keep fragmentation at bay by re-indexing and defrag.

Maintain your usage statistics (run SP_UPDATESTATS and DBCC UPDATEUSAGE) of your database.

Ensure that your log files (for the database are not too big and that you adequately make log backups in case your recovery model is of type  "FULL"

Re-index and re-organize your data and index pages frequently.

Those should help you. In case you still have issues, then perform a health check on your database and post the results here.
daiwhyteAuthor Commented:
Steven, Its happening mainly on the Sales Team's PC's, the issue is hard to reproduce, its not happening everytime they do an update which makes it that much harder to track the issue. The problem started when my machine crashed when trying to delete a loads of activities from one users activites list.
There is no monitor/keyboard on the server itself, only vnc/mstsc access so not sure if that would exhibit the same delays due to the latency of the remote software. Im going to check out of hours to see if the performance is any better.

Pastorchris, my skill set is very limited when it comes to SQL Databases, I wouldnt know how to execute your advice above, could you provide a bit more guidance?
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David, this actually is doable for you, take heart.

Open SQL Management Studio, expand out your tree into Management | Maintenance Plans. Right-click Maintenance Plans to access the Wizard. This is an easy way to get started down that path... you'll see lots of options. For starters, the defaults are not a bad place to begin.

Pick up a good book ($35 to $50 or so) on SQL Server Administration -- there are a countless plethora of them out there -- and find the chapter on Maintenance. It'll be a good investment of your time.

Finally, one other SQL database issue comes to mind... a database, in SQL, can be instructed to automatically create additional indexes for itself. It is recommended that this functionality be disabled for use with GoldMine. Too many indexes will slow down data entry, as the indexes have to be updated every time you add data to the system. To do this:

Right-click your GoldMine database and click Properties. Select Options on the left. Set all of the top 5 options to False, especially Auto update and Auto create.

If your system has already created a lot of extra indexes, you have to get rid of them. I'm not sure re-indexing from within GoldMine will do this. I think it only drops the indexes it knows about. A rebuild, however, would indeed drop the extra indexes. Just tick the rebuild box as you go through GoldMine's Maintenance Wizard.

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daiwhyteAuthor Commented:
Ive right clciked the GM Database in the Management and view the options, two out of the five options were set to True (AutoCreate Statistics and Auto Update Statistics)

Also, there was a maintenance plan already in place and in the decription details was as follows

Nightly - Check Integrity, Reorganise Index, Rebuild Index, Update Statistics, History Cleanup (disabled) and Full Backup of all HOGWARTS databases.

Its set to run each night at 21:15 so will have to wait until tomorrow.

Im going to order a book online now.

Also, you mentioned possible virus, I did put a new machine from storage out into the enviroment on Tuesday, this is when we first experienced the delay/freezes. Just scanning it now with NOD32.

daiwhyteAuthor Commented:
Since making the changes to the database as per stevengraffs advice, Ive not had any further reports from the customer. Im in the office on Tuesday and will have a better idea then and at that point I will update this thread.
Chris MConsulting - Technology ServicesCommented:
Pleae note that most of the work on Goldmine is back-end and the application has little work-load.
I suggest that you also ensure that you're using your hardware well and that  the hardware resources are sufficient for your database server on a busy day.

How to verify this? Run performance monitor at OS level.

Secondly, clear out any fragmentation at OS level especially the C drive and your database drive.

Using performance monitor, ensure that there isn't too much paging otherwise you will need more RAM.
Lastly, ensure that you have enough space for your swap files.

daiwhyteAuthor Commented:
Sorry about the delay in awarding points, in the interim - other issue (non goldmine) surfaced.

All sorted now, thank you Steven
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