Dell Issue on Just in Time Debugger

Just in Time Debugger keeps on coming out. We've followed the solution from Dell like this one: but once restarted it will still keep on coming back.

The actual file causing it this:
"sprtcmd.exe" is a known file from Dell. It is used by Dell Support Center.
"sprtcmd.exe" is installed in the C:\Program Files\Dell Support Center\bin folder.

We have also remove the file from task manager but still after restarting it comes back again.

Any better ideas out there can help resolve this issue?

Thank you so much!

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B HConnect With a Mentor Commented:
your best bet is to just completely uninstall the dell support software.

more often than not it won't even uninstall properly, horrible software.  if that happens, you'll need to re-install it (download from dell), then uninstall it.

johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to keep it, start>run>msconfig, and under the Startup Tab, uncheck all Dell Support entries... It will not start again at next logon....

You can also check the services, but I dont believe the app uses any... Might want to double check there as well....
JWK801Author Commented:

@johnb6767: tried that already but it keeps on coming back and it's really really annoying.

bryon: yes, i'll give that a try.

JWK801Author Commented:
Tried both solutions and they actually worked. though the bottom line really is to get rid of the dell app. Thanks guys!
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