what do i use for incoming and outgoing mail server on w2k3

I just finished configuring my windows server 2003 as a mail server. I am now trying to  configure my outlook account to send and receive mail to it and was wondering what do i put in for incoming and outgoing mail server.
When i set up my gmail account i'll use incoming: pop.gmail.com and outgoing would be smtp.gmail.com or if i'm using my email account through my ISp i use mail.personainternet.com for both incoming and outgoing but am not sure what to use now that I've configured my wwindows server 2003 as an email server.

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Glen KnightCommented:
if your using your windows server as the mail server then you can either use the IP address of the mail server or if you have DNS configured then use the fully qualified domain name of the server

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ibanez7Author Commented:
thanks for the info demazter. I have to go on another call and will post back my results a.s.a.p

Thanks again
Make sure you connect outlook using Microsof Exchange and not POP or IMAP.  You will only need to supply the server name and your credentials and not an incomiing and outgoing server.  Exchange handles all that if you have it set up correctly.
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Glen KnightCommented:
I'm fairly confident exchange isn't involved here?
good point, please confirm.  I assumed since you are setting up a Windows Server as a mail server you are using Exchange to do it.  If your are indeed just using it for outgoing mail then my apologies. Demazter gave you the info you need.
ibanez7Author Commented:
No... this is a first time i set up an email server. I was just using windows server 2003 which has active directory installed, It's also configured as an FTP server and DNS server. This is only for my home office so i figured I'd try to configure it as an email server also since i've never done one before. I'm more of a network guy but like to learn more and more...lol and make sure I can configure my network approriately etc...
Here,s one of the links i used for this.
i just googled and found documents and tried it out but with no success.
I hope i'm not breaking any rules by posting this link if yes please remove and sorry.

Again, i tried with the ip address and it found the server but wouldn't let me log on saying i had bad username and password.
Is this link i provided correct or am I missing something like exchange to make it work?
When it mentions to use the FQDN is this the same as the full computer name, the domain name , the primary dns suffix or what?
ex: primary dns suffix: server1.newcomm.local
     full computer name: college-9ca47eb.server1.newcomm.local
     domain: server1.newcomm.local
I'm also just using .local and not .com for my domain would this make a difference?
Sorry like I said i' noobie with email servers so be gentle...lol

Thanks for the help
If you want it to be a full mail server you will need to add Exchange server.  Exchange server will intregrate with active directory and provide you with mail boxes for eac user.  The only capibility you have with standard server is to send mail through SMTP.   Are you still planning to use gmail or were you referreing to gmail for reference on how you previously did things?  And further will you be using a domain name for email addresses?  You can't use .local for publci email.  Tell me a little more about your environment i.e. servers and number of workstations.  Current methods and where you'd like to go or what you have in mind.  Glad to help.  We were all noobies at one point.
ibanez7Author Commented:
Thanks very much for your help bitMASTERS
I will be using a domain name for email address once my company is up in about a month time. For the moment i have my network set up and will be installing my phones within the next couple of weeks(just waiting on proper hardware on my Cisco router). After i have a CCNA Voice course so I'll be gone for about 3 weeks to a month. Once I'm back from my course I'll create a quick web site (use a template) and get the company online etc... I will then use the real domain for my email server. I wasn't really planning on using gmail, this was just as a test to see how to try and get things going. Another reason for this post so i can find out exactly what and what not to use and which direction to take.  For a while I'll only have 4 workstations and the windows server 2003 (which is already setup as Active directory, DNS server and FTP server.) I know that the right way would be to have them separately but since it's only starting and only 2 full time users,so things should be fine for the time being.
As the company grows (hopefully) then I'll look into getting a new server and go from there.
For now I will definitely look into exchange server and get the proper documentation for setting this up the right way like you mentioned above.

Thanks very much for the help with this issue.
Thanks for the detail. Until you get exchange here's what I would recommend to save costs. Use google apps and have google host your domain and mail for free. You can use their web interface or Outlook to retrieve your mail. The only cost will be your domain registration. When you get ready to replace your server then Microsoft Small Business Server would be a no-brainer because it includes exchange and costs less than server standard. At that point you can bring email in house along with a slew of benefits.  
ibanez7Author Commented:
Thanks very much to both of you for helping me out and pointing me in the right direction on all questions.
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