Setting up a VPN between 2 locations with Cisco 1811 Router

We are opening a remote location and I am looking at setting up a VPN.  We currently have a Cisco 1811w router and I am looking into purchasing another one.  I would like to have all the network resources available at the new location.  Can anyone give me any hints or tricks on how to set this up?
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geergonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
VTI or GRE over IPsec also is an option depending of the features that it offers and your needs.

Configuring a Virtual Tunnel Interface with IP Security

IPSec Virtual Tunnel Interface

Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:

I advise to buy ASA 5505 if you don't want to use WiFi, it is cheaper, and stronger
jrhundsrAuthor Commented:
We want to use WiFi in the building.
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I think that you are looking for a a L2L configuration.

Do the routers are going to have a Dynamic or a Static IP?

Configuring IPSec Router-to-Router, Pre-shared, NAT Overload Between Private Networks

IOS VPN(Router): Add a New L2L Tunnel or Remote Access to an Existing L2L VPN

More Examples and scenarios:

Take a look at VTI. It is the newest and best way to connect two sites via a VPN.

There is Dynamic VTI and Static VTI - depending on whether you have a dynamic or static IP address from your ISP will determine which VTI you should use.
jrhundsrAuthor Commented:
Ok I will look into these
jrhundsrAuthor Commented:
This is what I want to do.  Thanks
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