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Microsoft RSS Feeds

For some unknown reason Microsoft RSS Feeds are enabled automatically in Outlook 2007. Is there an associated update that I have installed which has enabled these feeds to flood into Outlook? We run a Terminal Services environment so users are complaining that unwanted RSS feeds are gobbling up their mailbox quota.
Does anybody know how these feeds automatically appear and more to the point, how to disable them in in a TS environment?
1 Solution
When Outlook 2007 is run for the first time users are asked if they want to turn on RSS Feeds for Microsoft.
Its a YES NO question and users are likely to say YES.

You can go into each users account settings and remove the feeds.

However they could still add them back.

What I would do is use the following switch for outlook on the terminal server: /cleansharing

This is done by changing the Target path for Outlook from say:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE /Recycle


C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE /cleansharing

/cleansharing Removes all RSS, Internet Calendar, and SharePoint subscriptions from Account Settings, but leaves all the previously downloaded content on your computer. This is useful if you are unable to delete one of these subscriptions within Office Outlook 2007.

This way should the users re-add them or turn them on again.
This will remove them without them knowing.

Otherwise you could add a New Binary String in the Registry to disable them

QuixdesilvaAuthor Commented:
Swift detailed solution which worked a treat. Opted for the Outlook switch to resolve the problem


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