SCSI vs SSD - Quickbooks slow, run on separate drive?

SBS 2003 with XP Professional clients.

I have a customer who has a sbs2003 server with 4GB of RAM which has 2 SCSI Drives in a mirrored RAID1 array.
They have a Quickbooks Database (accounts/invoice software) which resides on this server and clients access this database. The problem is its running slow.

Would it be better to install another SCSI Drive and have the database on a seperate drive?
What about installing a SSD and moving the database across to a SSD?
Any thoughts please?
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I´d rather go and find the problem WHY it is slow.
In case the servers disks are at their limit regarding I/O and you hook up the SSD to the same controller you won´t get too much improvement. If the DB just is designed in a bad manner and uses no indexes I´d have a look at that.
The point is: as long as you can´t identify your servers bottleneck, guessing may become fairly expensive. The fact that your DB is running slow does not mean that the DB is the problem.

Just for example...
Say you have a backup running, that is very slow and runs thru the daytime working hours. The backup might lock DBs tables while backing up and therefor slows down the system.

There can be a lot more.
Have a look at the servers performance, at least using the windows standard utilities and find out where the bottleneck is, before you do anything.
clients access the database?   seems to me that the bottleneck is more likely network related.  Have you tried accessing the same database from the SBS2003 system directly?  If speed is the same it is disk related. If the SBS is faster, problem is network related.
unrealone1Author Commented:
@ Ferrosti & Dlethe

Sorry for late reponce, The drives are not scsi but ata100 :(  - which is obviously slower.

I want to troubleshoot this, I am going to put the software on the server and test the speed from there.

If its quick from the server (locally),  am I right in thinking it must be the network?
"If its quick from the server (locally),  am I right in thinking it must be the network?"

Yes, but the "network", could be anything from registry settings, a bad NIC card, drivers, router configuration ... in other words it could still be an issue on your side of the internet.   So you should also try the test directly attached to the NIC via a hub, then work yourself outward till you find the point of the network where performance is bad.   It could also be something stupid based on your client's configuration.  But first-things-first.  Confirm that everything is fine when running the software from the local monitor/keyboard/mouse.

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