How to Create an XP image to run in Windows 7 XP Mode?

I recently purchased a new computer. How can I take an image of my previous Windows XP computer that would then be able to run Virtually on my new computer in Windows XP mode. Also would the current drivers used in XP work with my new hardware?
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EnriquePhoenixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well start from the beginning,
Create an image of your XP machine.
You will need a program that can create an image of a computer, I use Acronis but you can  use Norton Ghost or any other program that can create an Image.
Acronis is free for 15 Days
 Watch video here on how to do:

I can keep on going but you might want to break your question in sections so each step can be explained.
Such as:
How do I create a Virtual Machine in Virtual PC
How do I boot off Acronis bootable CD and restore an Image
How do I repair a Windows XP installation


Try the free VMWare converter.
Run the converter on the old PC (many hours to do this usually) and save the single resultant file so that it can be put on the HDD of the new PC.

You can then run VMWare Player to run your old (now virtual PC) from the copied file on your new PC

ccchelpAuthor Commented:
@ StinkyPete
 Will my current drivers used in XP sync up with the hardware on the Virutual Machine? I have a Digidesign Mbox2 whose drivers only work in Win XP and Vista currently.
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ccchelpAuthor Commented:
Also would the image that copy be able to be used in Windows Virtual PC as well?
Another method that I used was.

Create Image with Acronis true Image, you can also use Ghost.
Create a blank Virtual Machine with enough hard drive space to hold your XP machine
Boot your Virtual Machine with Acronis to restore your created XP Image
Then use your Windows XP CD to repair your Virtual machine ( This will install the correct drivers).

This might be time consuming but it works.
They are many post in EE on how to repair your windows XP.

A hardware driver is software which the operating system uses to communicate with the physical device.

Your question "Will my current drivers used in XP sync up with the hardware on the Virutual Machine?" as I interpret it is thinking the opposite way around.

Your current XP drivers will be unused by the XP installation in the Virtual Machine, as they drivers used will be applicable to the virtual hardware. This would also be true if you moved your XP installation to another physical machine.
SteveIT ManagerCommented:
An alternative would be Norton Ghost - works the same as Acronis but it might be a bit cheaper.......
ccchelpAuthor Commented:
I appreciate all of these solutions, but how do I get to work with Windows Virtual PC and Windows Xp mode?
ccchelpAuthor Commented:
@ EnriquePhoenix
I will test using Acronis software. I currently use Drive Image XML to take images. I know how to repair the XP install. I will ask the question "How do I create a Virtual Machine in Virtual PC" and "How do I boot off Acronis bootable CD and restore an Image"
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