Troubleshooting Mimix Issues

We use Mimix for fail-over. I was just checking the status this morning and noticed I have a red error next to "Audits/Recov./Notif"

I'm not that familiar with Mimix. I wanted to see if anyone knows how I can check to see where this red error is coming from. What 400 command (s) to use to troubleshoot.

Then, once I have cleared the error I will need to know how to rerun the audit.

See print screen of what we see regarding the error.

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Gary PattersonConnect With a Mentor VP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
This means that there is an error with one of the audits that needs immediate attention.  Investigate the failed audit, since it may mean that you have a data synchronization problem that needs immediate attention.

Especially if you use Mimix for high-availability, you need to make sure that data is maintained in sync between your primary and your back system(s).

F7 from this screen takes you to the Audits screen (see that at the bottom of the screen?)

Put your cursor on that field and press F1 and see if there is context-sensitive help.  If that doesn't yield useful fruit, then look up the "Work With Data Groups" function in your Mimix documentation.

If, after reviewing the failed audit, you don't know what to do, you'll need to bring in an experienced Mimix administrator, or contact the vendor for support.

- Gary Patterson

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