Is there away to Block Go to my PC on Firewall/IPS level or Proxy level?


I have some users who are using this software to acces thier machines and it's agianst our company policy. Is there away to Block Go to my PC on Firewall/IPS level or Proxy level?

Thank you.
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Q: Can my IT manager block GoToMyPC access to company computers?
A: Because GoToMyPC is a highly secure encrypted service, it provides no security risk to your company. And, because it enhances employee productivity by enabling employees to work from home and remote locations, most companies find great benefits in allowing their employees to use GoToMyPC.
However, should you believe it necessary to block the GoToMyPC service for some employees, you can prevent unauthorized GoToMyPC use in your company through the GoToMyPC Authorization Management Service. If you are not currently a GoToMyPC Corporate customer, you can enroll in this free service by contacting If you are already a GoToMyPC Corporate customer, contact your GoToMyPC account manager to find out how this free service gives you more control over GoToMyPC access in your company.
If you do not wish to enroll in the Authorization Management Service, you can prevent your company computers from being accessed via the GoToMyPC service by using your firewall to block access to the host We do not recommend this method, however, as it prevents all GoToMyPC usage, including your authorized GoToMyPC users.

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smartnetAuthor Commented:
Thank you. How do you block on the firewall? IP address? Is there a specific range? is there any recommended way to block on the firewall?

Thanks again
should be able to just add the URL as it is, if not then open a command prompt and ping and enter the IP address that resolves.
Svc : Do : Port : In or Out : IP
TCP Block Any Any
UDB Block Any Any

Rearrange according to firewall rulesets.
Sorry, that's UDP, not UDB.
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