Novell iPrint fails to print for certain users.

We now have users who have dots in their usernames, e.g. first.last. They authenticate properly to everything (Novell login, all LDAP authentication through our Novell LDAP, etc.), even iprint seems to record properly, but when the user tries to print, the print job fails and they receive a message that submission failed.

We are pretty sure we are authenticating properly as the user shows up in iManager as first\.last.ORGUNIT.ORG as the backslash escapes the dot and the iPrint password page on the client shows:

User Name (LDAP_DN): CN=first\.last,OU=ORGUNIT,O=ORG
User Name (LDAP):  first\
User Name (eDir): first\.last.ORGUNIT.ORG

While LDAP is not correct (truncated at the \, which is a quirk of iprint as discussed in, LDAP_DN and eDir are correct, and eDir matches the object for the user shown in iManger. Any thoughts on what could be wrong?
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PiezoSapphireConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We went through all updates for the server and found that the server did not have the latest release. Updating to current releases solved the problem.
Have these users have been given user role access to the printer? Also check to see if NetIdentity is installed with the client on the workstation, this will pass the credentials on to the iPrint client.
PiezoSapphireAuthor Commented:
When I go into iManger, I can find all users who should be able to print, and client settings are the same for those who can print and those who can't (the ones with the dot.)

The inability to print follows the user and is not workstation dependent. Each workstation gives the same error for those with a dot, but works for those without a dot.

Is Netidentity required for all iPrint users, or is it just required for the problem we are having? Netidentity does not appear to be installed and I can't find it in Novell Downloads.

PiezoSapphireAuthor Commented:
We installed netidentity, but it had no effect on printing.(we are running Vista with Windows 7 client SP2, and netidentity 1.2.3 was from the 4.91 SP5 release. I couldn't find the download on the Novell site. )

Any suggestion on where we might look in imanager or what log files we should look in on the server? The client message from iPrint is "printer not accepting" and is not very helpful. We are running Netware 6.5 with SP8 on the server.
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