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MS Access 2007 Converting from accdb to mdb and renaming

I have an database that is an accdb. I need to rename and save it as a mdb. I have tried many times and have had no success even when trying to save it to a unique folder.
I get the error message below. See image below.
I am an administrator user on the machine OS is Windows 2008 Server Standard.
I found some stuff on the net about the message below and they said to go into the Computer Management. I went into System Tools >Shared Folders>Sessions or Open Files and look to see if a session is open.
I am not listed in the sessions (I happen to be remoted into the server and don't know if that makes a difference.)
I still  login as an Administrator User (not the Admin)
I looked into Open files and the file I am working with is not even listed.
The original database which is on this server different folder is listed open by users other than me. Again my copy is in a totally different folder and is not listed.
Also I did do a repair and compact database before I tried to save this.
Can anyone identify how I can rename  save this file as an mdb. Thank you for just being here so I can ask....!

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2 Solutions
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
renaming an .accdb to .mdb is not that straight forward. there are features in .accdb that are not available in .mdb.

create a blank .mdb
import all objects from the .accdb

note*: objects that used A2007 features not available in .mdb will either raised error or will not be imported.
ruavol2Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
I just noticed that when I went to the ODBC Administrator and tried add a connection under the User DSN Tab and Under the System DSN tab. See other image below. It would seem self explanatory however. Just a couple of months ago I could add or configure an Access connection with no problem. Now when I go to system tab and click add it takes me straight to add a SQL connection. We are not using SQL yet. There is not even a listing for Access. I do not know how the drivers could have been removed. Has some Microsoft update done that. We just do not do very much on the machine. Any thoughts? Please advise.

Helen FeddemaCommented:
You can't just rename the database.  Have you tried converting it using the built-in feature?
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Helen FeddemaCommented:
You may have to make some code modifications too, or even table mods, if you used the new Attachment type field data type.
ruavol2Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
I do not think you caught the question Feddema. I had already tried that and the first image shows what I get returned when I do what you did. Any other thoughts?
Helen FeddemaCommented:
Perhaps if you give the converted .mdb database a slightly different name (different other than the extension), that might not trigger the errors.  Or you could try what capricorn suggested (making a new db and importing all objects into it).  This could also be done in two stages:  first convert to an .mdb file, then make a new .mdb file (different name) and import all objects into it from the converted .mdb database.

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