Nearly real time data integration from Informix to Oracle Database

Hi every expert,

In my situation, I have an IBM Informix (IDS) running as a production database server. In the meantime, I have another oracle (10g) database running as the repository of the data from the informix server. My boss is requesting to have nearly real time data integration from the informix server to that oracle DB. I have searched for posts and known that there are some middleware like IBM InfoSphere DataStage, Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Golden Gate can perform the ETL function.

I would like to know the above apps can work under heterogeneous systems??

And I'm so sorry I have no experience on data integration, normally, which side should the data integration app be placed?? Like my situation, should I put it at informix (production server) or oracle (data repository)?? Any performance issue or conern??

If I put the data integration app at Oracle side, say, using ODI, how it capture the data change at informix side??'

Thanks for any reply, I really need some help...!!
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I haven't used the tools mentioned above, but I know Oracle Streams supports heterogenous integration.  You have to implement the capture process on the Informix side, but you use the Oracle Streams API on the Oracle side.

Oracle also offers Transparent Gateways, including one for Informix. The gateway runs "against" the Informix side, so to speak, and but allows 2-way communication.

Of the top of my head, I'd look at triggers to populate log tables on Informix, or to do a remote insert via the transparent gateway.

Another option, if using the Transparent gateway, is a scheduled push/pull using an Oracle job to query into the Informix db. It allows you to use Oracle SQL syntax and treat the tables as a remote Oracle table.


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alessandro31Author Commented:
thanks for your reply!! I think nobody would answer me...
I have to look what is the Oracle Streams and Transparent Gateways. For your comment, Transparent gateway is a scheduled query from informix, if i shorthen the query period, will it affect the production server's (Informix's) performance??
No more than any query would. Informix has indexing and other capabilities to speed up queries, so take the same approach at tuning for Informix as you would for Oracle. Make sure to performance test your queries ahead of time. Start conservative, such as scheduling every 5 minutes, then work down based on your near "real time" requirements.
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