PostGreSQL - pgloader installation?

Granted... this is a dumb question, but it's still worth 500 points to me...  I'm trying to install pgloader, but I can't seem to find any documentation....  I'm running MAMP on MAC OS X.  I've already installed the tcllib, and am about to do:

tar zxvf pgloader-1.0.tar.gz

I'm wondering what directory I need to actually untar pgloader into?  Is there anything else that I need to do to get it to work?
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cjl7freelance for hireCommented:

I'm not on my mac right now, but have you tried to search for it with macports?

ports search pgloader

Chances are that it's already in ports... - docs about pgloader

I don't think it matters where you put it, if it can't find libraries and such it will fail. Try and Terror! ;)
n00b0101Author Commented:
Hmm...  I tried to search, but got this: -bash: ports: command not found

I did look at the documentation, but there's virtually nothing there at all....
cjl7freelance for hireCommented:
OK, you should probably install macports! It's what saves the day if you want to run a lot of 'non-mac' stuff from the open source world.

Just google for it and you'll have no problem finding instructions.

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n00b0101Author Commented:
Hi, thanks.   I actually did this after your first response, also, because I apparently need to have Pgtcl installed.... So, I did install macports and then I installed Pgtcl, and I wound up untarring pgloader into /usr/local/src....  But, when I try to run it, I just get this:

Cannot load PostgreSQL DB support: can't find package Pgtcl
Make sure the shared libpgtcl is installed properly

n00b0101Author Commented:
I suppose you really already did answer my question, so I'll just create a new one for this extra stuff....
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