PCL XL error with a HP 2320nf ColorLaser Printer

An employee moved from a HP 2840 to a HP 2320nf printer. I uninstalled the HP2840 drivers completely and restarted before loading the HP2320nf drivers. I downloaded the latest drivers from HP's site for the 2320. Every now and then, when the user tries to print in Word, she gets a PCL XL error:
           subystem: KERNEL
           Error:         IllegalTag
           Operator:   0x1b
           Position:     various numbers here

It happens in other applications as well. I checked the firmware of the printer and it is current as well. She is using the PCL 6 driver that came with the install so I was wanting to change to a PCL 5 driver instead. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a PCL 5 driver for this printer. The old 2840 used the PCL 5 driver so I am hoping this will fix the issue. Can someone please direct me to the PCL 5 driver for the HP2320nf printer or if you have any other solutions, please respond.
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Generally, PCLXL errors are network connection errors. You (generally) are losing packets somewhere on the network.

Ping the machine's ip address continuously (open a command prompt window "ping [machine's IP] -t).

You should never lose any packets. If you do, connect to the printer with a cross-over cable. Assign a static IP to your pc in the same scope as your printer (i.e. if your printers IP is your pc needs to be 192.168.1.XXX (anything but 100).

Repeat the above ping. If you are still having issues, there is an issue with the NIC on the printer and it needs to be replaced.
Randy_HaleyAuthor Commented:
She is connected via USB, not networked.
You could try HP's universal driver, from:


BTW, as the printer has a network i/f, I strongly recommend using it that way instead of USB. It will save trouble in the long run.

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Randy_HaleyAuthor Commented:
I will try the universal driver and let you know within a couple of days to see if the error raises it's head again. Thank You.
Randy_HaleyAuthor Commented:
The universal printer driver did not work. However, I moved the printer from USB to Network and it appears to have fixed the issue. Awarding points to hdhondt
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