Symbian Vs Windows Mobile Vs Android

Q1. What are the pros and cons of each of these mobile platforms?

Q2. Can Symbian applications be ported into Windows Mobile applications and vica versa?

Q3. Which platform has a greater applications/products based on?
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the answers to questions Q1 & Q3 depend on the tastes of the person :)

as far as I can say from my own experience, WM has the greatest IDE and supports relatively easy languages like C# or with a good access to lower levels if you need to. Its 'cons' may be that its market share declines. And Dev Tools are not for free.

Android is on the rise now, but you're somehow restricted to its implementation of Java and with practically no access to OS level. IDE is free, you have OS source code (to certain level, because Google doesn't let you see all of it :) despite claiming it is 'open source' OS)

Symbian has the biggest market share (still), you can develop in J2ME or C++, the sources are open now (except some commercial parts maybe, like from Nokia etc),  but for C++ the development is a headache until you get used to it. Not that it changes much afterwards :)  You can develop in J2ME, but it doesn't support all the available functionality. Forum Nokia provides tons of additional info, samples and so forth.

Symbian can be ported to WM and vice versa, J2ME might even run on both platforms with minor changes. C++ code would require careful architecture, in order to separate UI and engines as obviously you would need to implement UI differently on WM and Symbian.

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Well, I would look for something to go cross-platform. Almost all these devices support J2ME and though it has some overhead by way of runtime environment.
gram77Author Commented:
One thing to consider (at least with my carrier here in Colorado, VIAERO) Is that Nokia is the ONLY smartphone that does NOT require a smart-phone "special" data plan for an extra $40. per month.  I think I may dump my WM 6.5 and go to Symbian just because of the savings..  Many other carriers are the same in respects to their pricing structures.
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